Thursday, 12 March 2015


On the 20th of February 2015, Room 21 ran the with Room 4 and 3. Room 21 did a play from a school journal it was called the Red Riding Hood Rap (Roy played the tone bars). we practiced and practiced until we were ready for the big day....... ASSEMBLY DAY!!!!!!!
exiting but there were limits. It was very nervous for everyone(a couple of us almost threw up!!!!) but everything turned out ok. Room 4 sang a song and Room 3 did some art.a man from from marzipan came to inform us about his new drama classes.3 kids came on stage to demonstrate what the marzipan drama classes was all about. Mrs Hogan showed us a quick slideshow about the caterpillars and that they ate all the leaves and that they did not have a home.At the start we all had butterflies in our stomach but especially Emma and I.Of course at the end of the day it was overwhelming how fun it was.(for most of us).

By Emma Winter and Ricky Fernandez

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