Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Reading with Mr Maindonald

These days Mr Maindonald has been coming read to room 21 every afternoon. Mr Maindonald has been reading The boy who was afraid. The boy's name was Nafutu. Nafutu was scared of the ocean. But this was a bad thing because he lived on a Pacific island. Everybody made fun of him, except his only friend Youre.
He planned to set sail in the ocean and he was so afraid but also angry.
While he was sailing in the ocean a huge storm came upon him, Youre and Nafutu fell off their canoe. Luckily they were okay but he could not talk because he had no moisture in his mouth. He  was washed up on an island... and so that is all room 21 got up to. 
We are hoping to have a happy ending.

Written by Sasha and Prisha


Zayde and Luke's opinions:
Luke's Opinion: This is a very interesting book to listen to, it is a good book and i wish i had it!
Zayde's Opinion: I love book's with theme's like people starting from scratch and making hut's and hunting animals. Very interesting! what on earth will happen next?!

WHat we think will happen next:
The next thing that will happen is Nafutu makes it on shore and slips on a rock and gets knocked unconscious, when he wakes up his calf gets torn by coral and wraps leaves around his cut.Nafutu walks up to a plato and eats a mango and his strength returns to his body.He makes a slay out of leaves and slides down the other side of the plato to reveal a huge forest. He discovers a huge sacrificial altar in the middle of the bush. He finds out that it's the cannabal's hideout spots a spear on the ledge of the altar and reaches out to grab it, but slips and knocks over several dozen bones that make a huge crash. Nafutu see's the nearby shrubs shaking so he runs for his life out of the forest, still with the spear gripped firmly in his palms.

What Room 21 think about the book so far:

It is awesome because it is fun and a survival story. Mr Maindonald  uses good expression when he is reading which makes the story more exciting.- Sophie

It's adventurous. He learns that he is strong and that he can do many things. - Cathy

It is very entertaining - Max

It is very epic and exciting because random things keep on happening to him but he keeps on finding new ways to help him get home. - Caitlin

It is fun listening to him survive and learn how to make a boat to go home in. - Jina

 Every minute I am left guessing what will happen next - Sasha

  The book is educational- Monika

 It is awesomely awesome because he overcomes his fear of the water...which he is surrounded by  - Andrew

Mr Maindonald always stops the book at the parts where it starts to get mysterious. - Julian

I hope that the cannibals think he is good and leave him alone. - Prisha

It is interesting how he turns from Mafutu the boy who was afraid to Brave Heart.

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