Wednesday, 25 February 2015


We have had a great chance to enjoy learning skateboarding at school this term.
Here is what some of the kids in Room 21 had to say about their experiences.

It's fun, a good sport and I like learning how to skateboard. - Aseri

 It's fun and really interesting! - Caitlin

It is really cool and fun learning how to do big turns and not falling off. - Jina

Oh my gosh I love skateboarding! I like how you can go fast, control the board by ourselves  - Mikayla

I never knew skateboarding would be so awesome! I like how fast we learnt how to do new stuff. I like it when you go fast and you feel the breeze on your face. Also, yo udon'y have to push as much when you go fast! - Sasha

I never thought skateboarding was so easy and fun if the school had not have organised it I would never have even stood on one! - Kristian Loncic

Skateboarding is ultra super fun, I LOVE skateboarding!!!-Luke:)

Check out this video of our skateboarding journey!!

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