Sunday, 21 June 2015

Scene description

L.I describe a scene using adjectives to improve the image for the reader.
challenge: start some sentences with adjectives.

On a sunny summer  afternoon the waterfall crushing down on the mossy face of the rock. The incomplete rainbow shines like diamonds. Mossy rocks are mossy glittering like stars. Pointy tree tops stand like xmas trees with the waterfalls at their barky feet.

by Gene

The blue sky is very clean and the rainbow is beautiful. There is long waterfall that is pouring down. Narrow trees with colourful birds on them are singing and dancing merrily. Many rocks look stacked like pancakes. Forest-living people are making a treehouse ready for winter.

by Rachel (has only been in New Zealand for on week!)

A rainbow floats over the gazing waterfall, crashing like fireworks  between green sharp trees on lasily laid mountain land. The sky is blue and black and the clouds are no were to be seen. Green trees and grass sway softly in the breeze. The caves are hard to see and rocky road mountain with boulders that are the size of a school that looks like crowns and fogey jagged stones. birds in trees cheeping foxes watching like wild boars running free like solid ice freezing in mid air mixed with fire and water...

by Toby

Clear blue skies overlook the rocky surface near a crisp, icy waterfall, so clear it has a rainbow reflecting on it. Pointy trees stand up straight like soldiers lined up, waiting for orders. Grass covered mountains sit motionless like a sleeping creature. Miniature shrubs inhabit the rocks that aren’t covered in a grassy blanket. Small amounts of soil cling to the stone surface. Astounding nature, free from city pollution.

By Julian C

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